Unicode Escape Formats

The following are ASCII representations of Unicode characters known to be used in various contexts. In a few cases we also include unusual representations of integers since integers are sometimes converted to characters.

raw hex00E9Unicode Consortium file NamesList.txt
prefix 0x hex0x00E9Yudit keymap source files
prefix v decimalv233Perl
prefix $ hex $00E9Alex Eulenberg Mac OS X keyboard map source files
prefix # with suffix # hex#00E9#Mimer SQL
prefix #$ hex #$00E9some Pascals including Delphi
prefix 16# hex 16#00E9Postscript
prefix #x hex#x00E9some Common Lisp implementations
prefix #16r hex#16r00E9Common Lisp integer
prefix backslash hex [4]\00E9Oracle in unistr function
prefix backslash-u decimal\u0233Rich Text Format
prefix backslash-u hex [4]\u00E9Java, Ruby
prefix backslash-u left brace hex [variable] right brace\u{E9}, \u{000E9}, multiple codepoints: \u{E9 74 E9}Ruby
prefix backslash-U hex [8] outside BMP, prefix backslash-u hex [4] within BMP\u00E9C#, D, Python, Scheme, Tcl
prefix U hexU00E9
prefix u hexu00E9
prefix u HEX [5-6]u100E9Fontlab Studio outside BMP
prefix %u hex%u00E9
prefix U+ hexU+00E9Unicode Consortium documents
prefix uni HEX [4]uni00E9Fontlab Studio within BMP
prefix X with hex in single quotesX'00E9'some IBM documentation
prefix X with hex in double quotes with optional type postfix character c[har], d[char], w[char]X"00E9"dD
prefix 16# and suffix # hex16#00E9#Ada
prefix U in angle brackets hex<U00E9>POSIX locale specifications
prefix backslash-x hex\x00E9C wide string, Tcl integer
prefix backslash-x hex in braces\x{00E9}Perl
prefix backslash {U+ hex with suffix }\{U+E9}BitC
prefix &# with suffix ; decimal&#0233;HTML, XML, XHTML
prefix &#x hex with suffix ;&#x00E9;HTML, XML, XHTML
prefix &# decimal&#0233SGML, HTML (deprecated)
prefix &#x hex&#x00E9SGML, HTML (deprecated)
prefix backslash-# decimal\#0233;SGML
prefix backslash-#x hex\#x00E9;SGML
prefix _x and suffix _ hex_x00E9_OOXML, SQL/XML
3 low bytes each with backslash prefix in big-endian order octal\000\000\351
3 low bytes each with backslash-x prefix in big-endian order hex\x00\x00\xE9
3 low bytes each with backslash-d prefix in big-endian order decimal\d000\d000\d233POSIX locale specifications
prefix " hex[4] (UTF16 - use surrogate pairs beyond BMP) "00E9XeTeX
hex UTF-8 with each byte's hex preceded by an =-sign=C3=A9RFC 2045 Quoted Printable
hex UTF-8 with each byte's hex preceded by a %-sign%C3%A9RFC 2396 URI escape format
hex UTF-8 with each byte's hex preceded by a backslash-x\xC3\xA9Apache log format
hex UTF-8 with each byte's hex surrounded by angle brackets<C3><A9>print format for uninterpreted bytes used by various programs
octal UTF-8 with backslash prefixes\303\251print format for uninterpreted bytes used by various programs

Revised 2009-05-29.