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Guilt by Association in Galesburg

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

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Galesburg, Illinois school officials didn’t like all the cheering at graduation so they instituted a policy against it. When five cheers were heard from the audience for five students, they announced that the five students would not receive their diplomas. This has received plenty of news coverage, e.g. here, but I am surprised at the emphasis of the coverage, which is on how disproportionate the punishment is. You would think that people would realize that the larger issue is that the students should not be penalized for something that someone else did.

It is undisputed that the students themselves did not cheer. School officials seem initially to have claimed that their parents cheered, but now concede that they don’t know that - all they know is that someone cheered. As a matter of law, and by all standards of justice, they have no basis whatever for punishing the students. It is really disturbing that ignorant jerks like these are in charge of children’s education. They certainly can’t serve as role models. I hope the students clean their clocks in court.

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