Canadian Legal TV is Better

One of the many things that many people think is better in the US than here in Canada is television, but that certainly isn’t true across the board. I’m watching The Verdict the CTV legal news show presented by Paula Todd. A few minutes ago she showed an excerpt of an interview by Nancy Grace, her American counterpart. This remind me of how much better a show The Verdict is.

There’s really no comparison. Paula Todd asks interesting questions and is knowledgable about the law. She is level-headed and able to probe without bullying. Nancy Grace, on the other hand, is prone to ranting and bullying. As a former prosecutor, she presumably understands the law, but I can’t say it comes out on her show. Indeed, she is known for her unsupported declarations of the guilt of suspects in highly publicized cases, most recently the Duke rape case, where it proved to be the case that no rapes occurred. She spends so much time shouting, it just gives me a headache. Combined with the fact that we can watch hearings before the Supreme Court of Canada, legal TV is clearly superior in Canada.

One Response to “Canadian Legal TV is Better”

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