Is it Microsoft or the New YorK Times?

The New York Times has a
on the negotiations between Microsoft and the European Commission, which has found Microsoft to be an illegal monopoly. The article reports that Microsoft is defending its demand that it receive royalties for the use of its “”confidential server software code”, which, the article claims, Microsoft has been ordered to disclose to competitors.

This is at least the second time that the New York Times has got this wrong. What the EU ordered in its March 2004 ruling was that Microsoft disclose the protocols for its servers so that others could write software that would interoperate with Microsoft’s. They did not order Microsoft to disclose any software. Microsoft has tried to muddle the issue by claiming that the only way to provide this information is to disclose its source code, but everyone knowledgable about computer networks, including the European Commission, knows that that is a bald-faced lie.

What I wonder is, are the New York Times’ technology writers so ignorant that they do not understand the difference between source code and documentation of protocols, or have they never read anything other than Microsoft press releases?

One Response to “Is it Microsoft or the New YorK Times?”

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