For each byte in the input, ByteName prints a line consisting of the byte offset, the hex, octal, and binary values of the byte, and a description of the byte as a character in a choice of 8-bit encodings. For each piece of information there is a command line option that suppresses its display. A command line flag suppresses printing of bytes within the ASCII range, which is useful for locating stray non-ASCII codes. (Note that most, but not all, single byte encodings are extensions of ASCII).

If you wish, instead of describing its input, ByteName will generate a chart in the same range of formats for the selected encoding, or generate descriptions of a given codepoint in all known encodings.

The encodings supported are:

Note: ISO-8859-12 is not missing. It does not exist.


EnvironmentOS Independent
LicenseMIT License
Current version1.12
Last modified2007-01-28




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