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UnicodeDataBrowser is a browser for the UnicodeData.txt file, which contains much useful information but is not easily read by humans. The browser creates a scrollable table in which columns represent properties. The table may be sorted on any column. Abbreviations are expanded and characters cross-referenced in decomposition and casing fields are named. Regular expression search restricted to a selected column is available. The set of characters for which information is displayed may be restricted to those characters matching a regular expression on a specified property. Each such filtering operation applies to the output of the previous filtering operation unless the table is reset to the original full set of characters, so filtering on multiple properties is possible. If an up-to-date local copy of UnicodeData.txt is not available, it can be downloaded automatically from Unicode.org.

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EnvironmentAll major platforms
LicenseGNU General Public License, version 3
Current version1.5
Last modified2009-07-24
ContactBill Poser
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FileSize (Bytes)MD5 Sum
UnicodeDataBrowser-1.5.tar.bz2 28,460 47a632fb0b1e389929d03a4ad272bf0e
UnicodeDataBrowser-1.5.tar.gz 31,051 967c32ba42e2101e618aa5b57ee907d6
UnicodeDataBrowser-1.5.zip 32,458 6955fd43a44409aadfb63c84ab3cd824

For those for whom installing Tcl/Tk is a problem, the following are single-file executables that contain UnicodeDataBrowser along with the Tcl interpreter and the necessary libraries. These are much larger than the program by itself so please don't download these unless you need to.

FileSize (Bytes)MD5 Sum
UnicodeDataBrowser-freebsd6-x86 3,386,376 5c9e863aca6f2e372e4c4d881b857dd6
UnicodeDataBrowser-linux-x86 3,626,889 a85e714d30e23db75ab396aa565d3078
UnicodeDataBrowser-darwin 5,283,451 78c6d01015e7e00615c82fe93ee814d7
UnicodeDataBrowser-win32.exe 4,023,204 68f9ab5b56bd16b47ef81ce2a2a6e5c1

If you wish to be informed of new releases, subscribe to UnicodeDataBrowser at Freshmeat.

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UnicodeDataBrowser should run on any platform on which Tcl/Tk and the necessary extensions are available, which includes all major platforms.

In addition to Tcl/Tk itself, two extension packages are required, namely: the ftp component of Tcllib, which is almost always included in Tcl distributions, and the tablelist component of Tklib, which is also commonly included in Tcl distributions. (Tablelist was added to Tklib as of Tcl/Tk version 8.4.12.)

If Tcl/Tk does not come with your system, the easiest way to obtain the Tcl/Tk environment you need is probably to install the ActiveTcl distribution from ActiveState. This distribution provides the Tcl language, the Tk graphics library, and a bunch of extensions including Tcllib and Tklib. Don't be concerned by the fact that ActiveState is a commercial outfit. The Tcl/Tk distribution that they provide is free as in both beer and speech. They make their money selling services and programming tools. The ActiveTcl distribution is currently available for: GNU/Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Mac OS X, and MS Windows.

For FreeBSD, Tcl and Tk are available at:

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Change Log

1.5 [2009-07-24]

1.4 [2008-04-16]

1.3 [2008-03-18]

1.2 [2008-01-23]

1.1 [2008-01-20]

1.0 [2008-01-12]

Initial release.

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No bugs are known.

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