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AudioSpace calculates the amount of storage required by an audio recording of a given duration, for different sampling rates, resolutions, and numbers of channels. The calculation may be made for uncompressed audio data or for several types of compression. A variety of units may be selected for reporting the result. The calculation may also be made in the opposite direction so as to determine how long a recording will fit into the available space.


DependenciesTcl/Tk version 8.4+
Current version2.3
Last modified2010-01-01
LicenseGNU General Public License, version 3


AudioSpace should run on any platform for which Tcl/Tk is available, which means just about any current computer.

In addition to the Tcl interpreter and the Tk library, it requires the math::bigfloat component of tcllib.

The easiest way to obtain the Tcl/Tk environment you need is to install the ActiveTcl distribution from ActiveState. This distribution provides the Tcl language, the Tk graphics library, and numerous extensions. It is very simple to install. Don't be concerned by the fact that ActiveState is a commercial outfit. The Tcl/Tk distribution that they provide is free as in both beer and speech. They make their money selling services and programming tools. The ActiveTcl distribution is currently available for: GNU/Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Mac OS X, and MS Windows.

For FreeBSD, Tcl and Tk are available at:




For those for whom installing Tcl/Tk is a problem, the following are single-file executables that contain AudioSpace along with the Tcl interpreter and the necessary libraries. These are much larger (2MB or more) than the program by itself (around 20KB), so please don't download these unless you need to.

If you would like to be notified of new releases, subscribe to AudioSpace at Freshmeat.



2.3 - 2010-01-01

2.2 - 2008-05-11

2.1 - 2008-01-22

2.0 - 2007-12-18

1.0 - 2007-12-15

Initial release.


None known.

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