Ascii2Binary Full Change Log

Version 2.14

Version 2.13

Version 2.12

Version 2.11

Version 2.10

Version 2.9

Version 2.8.1

In some cases the results for long double conversions will be incorrect without this patch. (A one-line addition to ascii2binary.c.)

Version 2.8

Support for the long double type was added, for those systems that support it.

Version 2.7

The exit codes returned by both programs have been redefined to provide a fine-grained indication of the nature of the error. This makes them more useful in scripts, which can now distinguish errors arising from ill-formed or out of range input from invalid command-line arguments and system errors. The new exit codes are described in the man pages and are produced by both programs if given the -X command line flag.

Version 2.6

This version fixes a number of bugs in binary2ascii. One bug interfered with the use of the byte offset option. The others appear to be inoccuous on most architectures.

Version 2.5

The makefile has been revised to eliminate problems that arose on some systems and internationalization has been made optional due to unforseen variation in its availability. If internationalization is disabled, the programs should compile and run on any POSIX-compliant system. With internationalization they are known to run under GNU/Linux but problems may arise on other systems.

Version 2.4

The -s option now reports the endianness of the machine along with the sizes of the types on that machine.

Version 2.3

Both programs are now fully internationalized. A French translation is provided.

Version 2.2

Added ability to specify base symbolically as well as numerically to ascii2binary. Added ability to specify base numerically as well as symbolically to binary2ascii. Added warnings for incompatible options to binary2ascii. binary2ascii now defaults to prefixing '0x' to hexadecimal output. The -x flag now turns this off.

Version 2.1

Adds binary2ascii to the package and fixes a bug in ascii2binary that prevented it from handling doubles.

Version 2.0

Added support for long and long long integers.